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Service & Maintenance

Worn springs, stretched or loose cables and other signs of wear and tear can eventually lead to bigger issues with your garage door over time. Regular servicing and maintenance of your garage doors can help to save a great deal of time and money in the long run.

Whether you would like us to come in for a one of service or setup an on going service contract, give us a call today to discuss a range of our affordable options.

Domestic Garage Door and Motor Servicing

It is important to have your garage door working smoothly at all times in order to maintain security and convenience for your home. If you are not in need of immediate repairs but would like a service to ensure everything is up to date and in-check, contact Advanced Garage Doors to arrange a booking with one of our qualified service technicians and let us make our way to you.

Commercial Roller and Motor Servicing

The life of your commercial door or gate can be dramatically extended by having it routinely serviced and maintained. Advanced Garage Doors have have a number of mobile service technicians with years of experience in servicing a huge range of door brands and types.

Service Contracts

Garage doors and their openers must work at all times, no matter what the weather conditions. Your garage door will keep performing long into the future if serviced properly by a professional. In certain cases, not receiving regular services by a technician could also adversely affect your warranty.  Your door can be serviced by an Advanced Garage Doors technician on a service contract, to make sure that it is aligned and running smoothly and lubricated.

Advanced Garage Doors has several contracts offering mobile service or repair to your door.