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You’re in the front of your garage, ready to head in, have a shower and sit down with a glass of wine after the horrible day you’ve had. You reach down to the glove compartment to get your garage remote. And as if this day wasn’t already bad enough, the remote is nowhere to be found.

Don’t let this be you and make sure to always get spare garage remotes — one for the car, one hidden in a plant near the door and maybe even one in your post-box. Nothing good has ever happened form being stuck outside in your car, so make sure you’re prepared to avoid this situation.

Thankfully, Advanced Garage Doors has a range of garage remotes suitable for doors across the Gold Coast. Browse through our range of products to see which is best compatible with your door.

Picking the Right Garage Door Remote

Choosing the right garage door remote can be a bit tricky, but here are a few tips to help you out.

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Make sure you know the manufacturer and model of the control system you are using. It can usually be found on the motor unit or external receiver. This is handy to ensure whatever remote you buy is compatible with your garage door.


The number of devices you need the remote to control can help determine the number of buttons that should be on it. If you have two doors, that requires a remote with two buttons but if you have two doors and a garage light that would require three buttons.


This is a great option for drivers that easily misplace their garage remotes. These ones come with a keychain attachment so you can add it to the key ring with your house and car keys.

Advanced Garage Doors offer many options that customers in Gold Coast and Beyond can browse through, ensuring compatible garage door remotes. We can also help with garage door repairs or getting the right garage door opener.

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